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Re-designing a home can be stressful! How do I budget for this? Do I need to repaint my whole house? Does it even matter if I put in the effort?

If you don't specialize in how to stage or re-design your current space, then you aren't expected to know the answers to these questions!

The 1st Impression Design Team specializes in real estate AND interior design. We help create the lifestyle that YOU want through design. We coach and perform our services with you to take you to your desired outcome.

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Meet the 1st Impressions Design Team


Sharon LaPointe

"A life by design, fun, and joy in all things is always at the forefront of my heart and thoughts.


These values allow me to create the same possibilities for my clients, whether you're redesigning your current home to live in or staging it to sell, you get to have it all! I've been coaching in the real estate industry for 17 years and counting!"

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Chanta Miller

"As a multi-business owner, I know that a company's culture starts at the front door and speaks to the people you serve. 

Creating balance and happiness by design is my passion, something that I enjoy sharing with the world. Let me help you to make your space speak for you."

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Did you know that painting your walls in neutral colors increases the value of your home?

It does! You see, potential buyers only see a home as it is, but not as it could be. It's hard for them to visualize themselves in your space. 

In addition, as they walk through your home, they'll be mentally keeping a tab of things that they will want to do to make your home into their home. This makes the amount of money that they will be willing to spend on your home decrease!

Painting the walls a neutral color won't add more money to that running tab. 

Many sellers don't know all of the small ways that they can help buyers to not only see the value in their home but increase the value of their home!

That's why we wrote the "Before you List" Checklist!

Learn how to present your home in its best light, helping you to sell faster for more!

Let us know where to send your checklist below!

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